Might Google drop Chrome OS beta as a Windows 7 spoiler?


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Warning: This is a completely speculative post. But stay with me as I paint a possible scenario

Microsoft is launching Windows 7 seven days from today on October 22. This evening, Google is holding an open house which, it turns out, is open to everyone but the press during which company officials are slated to share more details on its forthcoming Chrome OS. (You can bet there will be plenty of bloggers in attendance who will share all…)

Meanwhile, a leaked copy of the browser that’s allegedly part of the Chrome OS seems to be circulating out there. (Update: This isn’t the OS but the implication seems to be the actual Chrome OS is in the wild or soon could be. Thanks for the clarification, TZ.)

Given the propensity of competitors (including Microsoft) to try to rain on each other’s parades or new product launches it’s not so far-fetched to see this evening’s Chrome OS show-and-tell as Google’s attempt to confuse the OS market just in time for Windows 7.

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It makes amusing discussion but in reality there will be very few people who will try anything new. Moses could not have delivered the 10 commandments if the people had already had a set. Once people become familiar with any system they are very slow to change. Raise your hand if your parents still have a rotory telephone or something from the 60's.

Companies that make devices still haven't developed drivers for Windows 7 does anyone think they will create drivers for a google os? How about the million or so programs that have been writen for Windows? The only reason MOST people upgrade their OS is to run software that want or need that won't run on Windows 98/ME.

IF.. by some miracle Google did come up with an os with features people wanted, Microsoft would simply copy it.

Google would have better luck if they came up with a "mode" between "Safe mode" and Normal... that would boot Windows in a "lean / mean" mode ... something like Windows Lite concept.

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