Migrating Windows System Directories.

I have been thinking about getting a SATA controler card and a few SSD for my system. I have been looking around for something on this topic and thus far have not found anything talking about it or it is talking about moveing the entire disk.

What I want to do is migrate system directories to seperate drives, with the existing install. So it would look like this

SATA 0 \Boot and \Windows
SATA 1 \Program Files
SATA 2 \Program Files (x86)
SATA 3 \ProgramData
SATA 4 \Users
SATA 5 \Data

That is what I want my table to look like, I want to know is it possible with out having to perform a reinstall. Also would I have to assign each drive a new drive letter or would I be able to do NTSF directory mounting after I migrate to the new drive?

The way I was thinking about it was, if I added the drives to the system, with drive letters, make a copy of the directory contents, then remove the drive letter and set it up as a mounted directory to a NTSF drive, that may allow me to do it. Then I would have to figure out what to do with the old data to get it off. That may not work, any one have any ideas?


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Nothing is impossible. But your plan would require an awful lot of registry changes. And then there are also the junctions. I think the sheer amount of work and the risk of error makes it impractical. Besides, I fail to see the advantage of such a setup. The best is to keep the system together. For program files, you can direct a program to your own folder during the program installation (not all installers allow that though). But as a 20/20 hindsight, it is mission impossible.

I have done it with Linux installs before, and thought it was a really cool set up. Being able to run from multiple drives at the same time might help with performance some, not sure how much, but some. Also it was an idea to do something fun LoL

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