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Εχω Windows 8 και μου εμφανιστηκε σημερα το πρωι επιλογη για να κανω ληψη των Windows 10 τσαμπα.Ομως κατω αριστερα στο παραθυρο κειμενου αναγραφονται οι εξης γραμμες.
"Ενδεχεται να ισχυσουν χρεωσεις υπηρεσιας Internet"
Στην τελικη ειναι τσαμπα ναι ι οχι.Ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων.


Noob Whisperer
I have Windows 8 and today morning appeared my choice for I Download Windows 10 tsampa.Omos lower left of the window text appears the following lines.
"May apply Service Charges Internet"
In the final bunches is yes i ochi.Efcharisto advance.
As you can see it loses something in the translations but I suspect you may be talking about the same thing that we're discussing here

If not then perhaps you might pre-translate your question into English so we might better interpret your issue.

Oh I am sorry I am new to this forum so I thought only people from my nationality are watching over this thread so I was like , better be as clear and understandable as possible.What I meant is , is windows 10 really free?coz in the bottom left of the chat window it says "May apply Service Charges Internet" .So my question is what does May apply Service Charges Internet means?Soz about above .Thanks in advance;)


Noob Whisperer
My best guess is that, since it's approximately 3 gigs or so in download size......
Some people have various contract stipulations with their individual Internet Service Providers and consequently, that may exceed some limits that may be in place, so.....
I guess they are warning you that you may incur additional fees (costs) from your provider for a download of that size.

Oh , but downloading like 3gb of data isn't a big deal..atleast in most cases , am I wrong?

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