Military Warns Of "Increasingly Active" Cyber Threat From China

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    US Navy Admiral Robert Willard appeared appeared before the US Armed Services Committee last Thursday. He Said, "US military networks and computer systems continue to be the target of intrusions that appear to have originated from within the People's Republic Of China. Most of the intrusions are focused on acquiring data. But the skills being demonstrated would also apply to network attacks.

    He said, "The military faces increasingly active and sophisticated threats to our information and computer infrastructure. These attacks challenge our ability to operate freely in the cyber commons, which in turn challenges our ability to conduct operations during peacetime and in times of crisis."

    Also appearing before the Congressional Executive Commission On China Thursday, Christine Jones, an executive vice president and general counsel at domain registration giant (Go Daddy), said that "In the first three months of this year, we have repelled dozens of extremely serious DDoS attacks that appear to have originated in China".

    Although Go Daddy and Goggle cited China as a source of cyber attacks, they didn't blame the government. But these firms are taking action to limit their dealing with China because of other government policies concerning privacy and censorship.

    (Just a note here: What about the 100 companies attacked starting last December ? Including: Intel, Adobe, Symantec)
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