Minor Failage (Security and Bootskin)

Today, I upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate x64 to Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
The upgrade itself was a flawless procedure, but in the end, a couple of things screwed up.
For some reason, AVG 8.5 still isn't 'turned on' even after rebooting and 'turning it on' multiple times. I click the Action Centre button on the bottom right, click 'Turn on AVG Anti-Virus (Important)', click Yes on the UAC popup, and it STILL thinks that AVG is off! I even went into the AVG user interface, and it says that everything is active. This never happened in Vista - actually, it did, but it happened with Avast!.

The second, and probably most minor thing, is that the bootskin is all screwed up.
When Vista was on the computer, I installed Tuneup Utilities 2009 and changed the bootskin from the default Vista one to a much nicer, custom bootskin I created myself. Tuneup Utilities's licence eventually expired, but the bootskin remained custom.

After installing Windows 7, the bootskin is now about 6 small, static bright dots in the top left corner of the screen. This bothers me, as the new bootskin is actually pretty nice, and worth bragging about to your friends.

And another thing, I ended up installing the display driver that Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor 'advised' and it screwed up my computer. I ended up installing the one from HP's site for Windows 7 x64 bit for my model WHICH ALSO TURNED OUT TO BE THE WRONG ONE! I eventually went back to the ORIGINAL driver that I was using with Vista, and am currently using it right now.

If anyone knows how to fix the two problems above, I would be eternally grateful.

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