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Windows 7 Minor Windows Explorer snaffoo?


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Feb 15, 2009
Has anyone seen this? The pulldown (the down arrow to the right of the location box in windows explorer) is always empty. Is it just me?
maybe try to change something in folder options...
I've never seen this before
I do not receive that either. What version of windows 7 are you using?
I just did a fresh install to 32-bit (needed a working VPN that I didn't have to pay 150 clams for...) and it also does the same thing.
This is very interesting as to why this is happening. I wouldnt worry too much about it since most people dont use it much but it is something to be noted.
I cannot emulate the fault, but maybe you should try and alter some of the command line switches.
In the properties, in mine, for example, it reads
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, /n, C:\
The e opens the window to defalt size.
the n opens a single pane window, usually the root if you have not specified anything else.
The C:\ is , in my case, my required default opening window.. This could be anything D:\ or C:\Users etc..
Tried your command in the 'dos' prompt. Came up as expected. But clicking on the down arrow in the far right of the box where it says "> Computer > Local Disk (C:) >" and just barely left of the 'Refresh' button, the box that pops up there is empty. And this is with an absolutely vanilla install (now redone in both 32 and 64 bit...). No extra anything, drivers, or software. Fresh out of the wrapper I guess you could say. And ya, still does it when fully populated with expected stuffs. Just weird.

Ya, it makes it a bit difficult to jump up to desktop from any explorer window as I'm used to (unless there's another button for that). But I'm finding a lot of similar little things like this (and memory reporting in the system computer display window, not the real task manager though, that is correct. Another thread on that somewhere.)

I will say though that the 32 bit seems to run a tad slower than the 64 bit. Well.. not true. Some things seem to be a bit slower (refreshing a window while computing something else for example) but many other things seem as fast or faster (starting most programs). And the 32 bit is on my Raptor, the 64 is on an old WD Green 250G I had laying around. Go figure. Ehh. more food for thought. I plan to run 64 when it is released, but right now I need the damn 32 bit... Stupid Cisco VPN and my company (and the only working one I can find for 64 bit being 150...)
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Yes, I'd noticed that too. Under Vista, the dropdown used to show a list of the folders you used most, allowing a shortcut jump to any of them. Very useful at times - apparently it was called 'previous locations'. Now, under 7, the dropdown is still there but is always empty. I can't think that they decided to drop the feature, because if so why leave the dropdown arrow there that basically does nothing ?
I have a couple of folders in my drop down menu, on two separate installations. I'm sorry but cannot offer any help as to why this should be.
Not sure what you mean here -- I usually set my folder to open in the same window -- maybe I don't use this facility as I haven't had a problem using Windows explorer in W7 X-64.

I just choose computer and click on it to get all the disk drives etc etc.

For your other problem with the 32 bit VPN.

Now also if your only reason to stick to W7 X32 is for the VPN why not run this in it's own Virtual machine. You can use (Free) Virtual PC and load up either W2K, XP, Vista or another W7. The overhead of installing a vm just for using the vpn won't be high at all -- and you only need to start it when needed. No Dual boot etc required.

BTW W7 X-32 runs fine as a Virtual machine -- and all you need to install on it would be the VPN. No messing around with drivers etc etc as the "virtual hardware" in this case will handle it. You also won't need to install any applications either as you can share data with your Host machine anyway.

You'll have to set the virtual ethernet adapter to NAT (if sharing the same IP address as your Host or Bridged if you want to use a seoarate IP address for the virtual machine.

This application seems TAILOR MADE to run in its own virtual machine.

IFor everything else you have all the advantages of being able to run a 64 bit OS.

I've found it...sort of.

Say you're in a long directory path such as C:\users\Jim\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer.

Now take your cursor and click in the path, make sure the whole path isn't highlighted, then back up to \Windows and you'll see all the folders underneath the C:\users\Jim\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows tree.
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I have 3 entries there... But on vista, history of folders that i've viewed earlier
True, Vista does work like that, so I don't know whether it's a bug or they took it out for some reason.

i would prefer the Vista way as it's faster access to your most recent used folders.

If you notice it also lists previous web sites.
Well, i just cleaned everything with CCleaner, so it's empty, but... it lists web-sites from IE or from other browsers too?
Because i'm now using FF and and it is still empty...
I think I may have got a bit lost in this thread. We are talking about Windows Explore and not IE?

If Windows Explorer, then this is what I have. I am logged on as the Administrator.
About windows explorer.
Well that's the problem. It shows only few entries, not all history as it should.
Yes Dave, this is in Windows Explorer.

I see yours is working correctly.

Although my Windows 7 machine is disconnected from the network, I highly doubt they will show up in the list, and unless you made Firefox your default browser, I believe they will still open IE if selecting one.
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Oh, about that default browser. I've set FF as my default, but sometimes, when i click somewhwre, that page opens with IE not FF

I think taht i'll make a new feedback with all my little but stupid problems :D