Windows 7 missing accessories


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Apr 4, 2009
Windows 7 beta build 7000. Using HP Pavilion dv9000, 64 bit proc and install, 4Gb ram. 7 has performed flawlessly until 2 days ago (no changes or new software has been added in the last 7 days preceding the problem). Start Button, All Programs, Accessories...only a few folders are left under accessories. Have no clue what happened to the programs etc. Maybe an update caused them to disappear? Any advice is welcome.
if it worked like 3 weeks ago then use system restore if u cant find than then boot up press F8 a few time s, repair ,system restore,

the things are there but the shortcuts might just be corrupt - 2nd step run chkdsk - or maually find .e.g windows explorer and make shortcuts
Make sure you have Show Hidden Files and Show hidden operating system Files are unchecked

Try looking under c:\users directory and verify that you have at least 4 "profiles
1. your name
2. All Users
3. Default
4. Default user
5. Public

The default profile should have the full start menu.

I can walk you through it if you need more help.
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