Missing ALL fonts in Win 7

Started my computer this morning and nothing but symbols and special characters are displayed through-out the OS of Win 7.

Can only remember making an adjustment to "Twain_86" for my Photo Shop 8, as the "Editor" in the program crashed.

Worked my way around and deleted PSE-8, and eventually found I only had 3 fonts installed. My laptop I am using now to post this dilemma has 248 fonts.

Tried re-installing Win 7 with my original disc and it only gets as far as the "compatibility" screen. It has a blank screen and says it is saved to the desktop. I am assuming because I have no fonts, it can't tell my what my issues are.

This is a "factory" computer (digital storm) with a factory Win 7 DVD Home Premium disc. Approx. 2 years old and I have never had a hic-cup. This computer has worked flawlessly. This is the first issue.

Can anyone please help me?


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If you can boot your computer.

Use any a Windows 7 computer, copy the Windows, Fonts folder to a USB stick or CD, then copy that to your hard drive, for future use, just in case.

you can re-install all of the fonts to your computer from the folder.


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If you can boot your computer.

Thanks so much for the post Mike. Can't even boot up now. I never had been able to see the POST / SPLASH screen since day one. It always has been booting straight to the desktop. Now it won't even do that. I attempted to go ahead and format the hard drive and reinstall windows. However, up a "restart" after a partial windows load, (done automatically) the computer won't even boot up.

I am going to install a new HD today and try to get the "splash / post" screen up so I can make sure the bios settings are okay.

Thanks again Mike for the interest and help. Over 100 read my post and nobody responded. Interesting nobody has had this issue. May explain why when I did a google search, nothing came up.


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I have a lot of fonts other then the ones that Windows installs.

I always make a copy of my fonts folder to another drive named Fonts Used on This Computer so that if anything happens I can get all my fonts back without a lot of hassles.

Weird that the Post Screen doesn't show, I've never run into that myself.

If fonts alone were the problem you could probably fix it by logging in with a Ubuntu bootable disk and just copying in the Fonts folder, but it sound like this may be related to some kind of hard drive corruption or failure.

Good Luck.



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You can run a System File Check from offline that would have probably replaced the fonts. But if I understand correctly, you have already reformatted the drive? Is you original disc a Windows 7 DVD or something you got from the manufacturer?

But from what you say, are you planning on reinstalling Photoshop 8?

Are you using the correct bit version for your Windows 7 install?

  1. Turned on computer and no fonts installed. Just symbols and characters.
  2. Attempted to reload win7 and it would not reload or repair. Just a blank screen in the compatibility window with a "close" button, and not a "next" button.
  3. Attempted to reload win7 with a "clean" install. Format the hard drive, and just reload win7. When win7 was restarting after reload, the computer would not boot up.
  4. I thought at first I must have a "hard drive' issue and I thought I needed to get into bios to make settings for my new hard drive and that's why I wanted to know how to see the POST screen.
I am sure I don't have any wrong connections, this port or that port as this computer didn't give me a hiccup until this "no-font" thing. Now I think I have really messed it up as my hard drive is only partially installed with Win7, ... and now it doesn't even boot up.

I have a CODE 10 displayed on the mother board LED read out. My manual says something about the EE-Prom. I am calling Digital Storm to find out what's going on, but getting help these days is an issue.

Again, I do appreciate the input and if anyone has any other ideas, I surely would be thankful. This is my work computer and I really need it. I am beside myself here.

Thanks !!


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Have you tried reseating the memory or if you have more than one stick trying just one stick at a time?

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