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Here is a very random problem that just happened. The icons when I am browsing the folders are gone. Yet when I go to save or open a file they are magically there. I have rebooted and same deal. Any thoughts on the randomness?


Nevermind it seems. I uninstalled an application then all the icons flashed and it seems to be fixed......... Randomness.

Nevermind again its happening AGAIN. This makes little to no sense. In windows Explorer some icons are missing, specifily the removable memory cards, yet in save dialogs they are present. Any thoughts?

Original suggestion does't work

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Follow these directions:

1. Close all folder windows that are currently open.
2. Launch Task Manager using the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key sequence, or by running taskmgr.exe
3. In the Process tab, right-click on the Explorer.exe process and select End Process
4. Click the End process button when asked for confirmation.
5. From the File menu of Task Manager, select New Task (Run…)
6. Type CMD.EXE, and click OK
7. In the Command Prompt window, type the commands one by one and press ENTER after each command:

CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local
DEL IconCache.db /a
8. In Task Manager, click File, select New Task (Run…)
9. Type EXPLORER.EXE, and click OK.

I was having the same problem and this fixed them.



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Great to hear,

Thanks for poating back

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