Missing control panel in win 7 home prem


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I just installed win 7 home prem. on a laptop and there is no control Panel link.
I did nan upgrade, I know a clean install is better but I wanted to save time and dont fancy doing it all again. If upgrade is offered it should work.
Any ideas please?

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Create a new administrator account, Run > control userpasswords2 > add user.

You should also be able to Start > Run > Control Panel.

Let us know how it goes.


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thank you cybercore, that did the trick. I presume "control panel" only appears in the admin user account.

You are welcome, I knew you knew it. :)


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Thats the only thing I dont know! I wish.
I cant find where to click for the SOLVED thingy

I marked it "Solved". Your experience is a good info for many users who go the upgrade route. :)

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