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I have been asked to look at PC desktop computer belonging to a colleague. Basically he said he has lost a lot of icons from the desktop and some of his short cuts to certain programmes. I have checked and the programmes are still installed so that’s not a problem in recreating some of the short cuts.

When I checked the PC with “Windows Explorer” it rather looks as if some files have been deleted from the original set-up. When I click on “Users” it opens only one folder called “Public”.

I suspect he has deleted the following folders:-

Folder with his name

See a copy of this below.

missing from users.JPG

He does not have a backup, I have checked restore points, the most recent is “Windows updates" and the installation of Service Pack One. I see little point in trying any of the restore points. The rubbish bin is empty. How can I reinstall these missing folders etc. I suspect other important folders may have also be deleted.

I do have the original Windows 7 installation disc (Home Premium edition). Would this do the repairs? Would I have to uninstall Service Pack One first?

I don’t really want to re-format the drive and start again.

Fortunately he does have an external drive with all his important files and photographs etc backed up.

Windows Live seems to operating ok.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Joe S

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Did he by chance run some type of registry cleanup/tuneup program? They can cause problems and sometimes they save deleted registry info. I avoid them after one disaster in win 98.


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No, he is not one for trying something of that nature.

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