Missing graphics card...?

After installing Win7 (no hardware changes were made), I'm suddenly not able to enable SLi. I have two BFG GeForce 8800GTS (512mb) cards and was previously using SLi with XP. Now with Windows 7, only one graphics card is detected, and changing the GeForce drivers makes no impact on the visibility of my second graphics card.

Intel QX9770
8GB DDR3-2000 (@1600)
RocketRAID 2310 w/ 4x500gb Seagate HDDs
X-Fi Titanium Fata1ity (PCIex 1x)
2x BFG8800GTS (G92 core, 512mb each)
PC Power & Cooling 1kW PSU

Running Win7 Ultimate x64

I've tried searching, and so far my search has been inconclusive...

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