Missing hd!?

Hey, i was on windows XP and i installed windows 7 RC ( not upgrade, a fresh copy). on windows i had two hard drives on the computer. ( internal) disk0 and disk1. when i installed windows 7, on the computer, i can only see local disk C: ( the hard drive which i installed windows7 on). . when i right click computer and click manage, then go disk management. i see disk1, the file system is NTFS. and no drive letter is allocated. when i right click, i can see convert to dynamic disk/ properties.

when i go to my computer only disk0 ( local disk C:) is shown, how do i make disk1 ( the extra hard drive, which is internal) appear as E:\ ?

because i had all my stuff on there before i installed windows 7 and now i can't access it!


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You'll have to import the drive. Go to start and type computer management and hit enter. Then Go to storage, then disk management and you should see your hard drive there. Right click on the left side of the drive and import the foreign disk.

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