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Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place, but I installed Microsoft Office the other day. Once installed I dragged Microsoft Outlook from my startmenu to my desktop. Everything seems to work correctly but the icon that is normally associated with the program didn't make it to my desktop. So I have a standard program icon with microsoft office below it...I've attached a screen shot. Anybody know who to fix this.



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Hi cloud36 and Welcome.

A couple of things to do first. As you know you've ended up with a, err, crap default icon. So try this:

Delete your Thumbcache files with the Disk Cleanup Utility (Press Start, (My) Computer, Right click C: Drive (your Main or System Drive), Properties, Click on the Disk Clean Up button). Thumbnails is one of the options you can choose to clean up.

Then delete your (hidden) IconCache.db which you'll find in your C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local folder.

Finally re-start.

That may (only may) cure it.


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When I drag a Word 2010 Start Menu listing, the only option I get is to create a shortcut, and the icon stays with it.

Maybe try again. If not, check the properties and make sure the path is correct and also check the icon.

If you are using a version earlier than 2010, I can try 2007 on another system.

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