Windows 7 Missing icons, white icons and explorer issues!


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This is my 3rd computer I have put win7 on and have had no trouble on the others and a ton of trouble this time around. I did a clean install...twice and am still having issues.

As you can see in the attached picture there are numerous icons on the desktop that have no picture...they are plain white. Also, the taskbar icons are can still click on the area they are supposed to be and get them to open. I am also unable to keep explorer continues to freeze up and stop responding.

Any help is appreciatexd!
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Same Problem

I just downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate to my Sony VGN-NS240E, which was running windows vista previously. I am experiencing this same problem right now and I was wondering if you ever found a solution to the problem.
Its probably because your using the Beta build.. but there is only 1 way i know. take forever, if interested read this:
1 - Right click on File/Folder
2 - Click Properties
3 - Go to the "shortcut tab"
4 - Click " Change Icon
5 - Click the icon you want
6 - click ok..

As i said it would take ages.. but that's the only way i know.