Missing programs and disappearing images in Vista

I 'm having some issues in Vista that i haven't been able to find out much about while viewing other pages.

Issue 1: Disappearing programs - Each time I restart or log off my User Administrator account in Vista, Falsh Player and some other programs (emusic downloader, java) disappear. In order to use the downloader I have to redownload it from emusic. If I want to watch a visdeo on YouTube I have to redownload Flash player.

In an attampt to fix the problem I unlocked the Administrator account. In the administrator account I have all the programs, all the time. I removed the programs in question and I reinstalled them using the administrator account.

I understand that using this administrator account for daily use can put your computer at risk so I created a new User/Administrator account.

When I log into this account not only do I experience the same disappearing program issues, I'm finding that in IE7 images are missing from websites, replaced by a blank placeholder with a red X. Additionally, websites with clickable tabs or dwonload buttons seem to be missing the button images. If you happen to know where to click on the page, you can still make the buttons functon, but you can't see them.

I'm wondering if these two problems are relatred and that someone will have some kind of solution.

If this topic has already been discussed in another thread I apologize.

Tried a couple of those

Having some trouble upgrading to IE 8. Cleared all history, files, cookies, etc. Downloaded 3 Windows update packs. Seem to still be having the same issue.

Going to try to run the suggested scan, and see if I can figure out what's preventing me from loading IE8 and then I'll repost.

Thanks, Drew for the response!

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