Missing Recovery Patition

I spouse to have a recovery partion on my computer, but it does not show up in my computer nor can I access it by pressing F12 when my computer boots up, but it does show up when I go into disk management.


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Some computer use variations on the F12 key - like maybe shift and F12 - do you know for certain that your pc uses F12?

Yes it says press F12 for boot options.


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If you are trying to use a Recovery utility on your system, you may have to use F2 or another combination to get into that area. Your manufacturer's website should explain how, or your owner's manual.

The recovery partition itself may be hidden or not be assigned a drive letter.

I think I figured out how to access the recovery partition I need to press F8 I found instructions on Dell's website. Here is the instructions I found: Windows 7 PC Restore | Dell

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