Missing toolbar along with 'cut & paste' function...

New copy shop opened up. Problem is the 'File Edit View Tools Help' toolbar is missing. Also right click does not give 'cut & paste' on menu. Shop owner seems to know less about Windows 7 than I do (I taught myself internet on public computers, using XP Pro, about two years ago). Anyway, without 'print preview', or 'cut & paste', I cannot print from internet, so computers at this copy shop are currently useless. Hoping there is some solution to this?


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Sure..For the most part in Windows Explorer and also in Internet Explorer you can expose those menus that you are looking for by simply hitting the Alt Key on your computer. If you want to expose them permanently in IE just right click any empty area of what we used to call the title bar of the IE window (the colored area at the top) and select menu bar from the context menu. In windows explorer select the drop down arrow next to "Organize" near top left of screen then select "LayOut" then again click menu bar.
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I don,t think it would be possible to "Cut" on an Internet site, unless you had editing priviliges there. (You are discussing cut and paste in IE?) But you can copy and then paste elsewhere.
The printing option is a mystery. Do you use any "cleaning " programs such as Ccleaner? If so, you may have lost the "Low" folder in the users section.
Try this. ( you will have to reveal hidden folders etc, in the Windows Explorer "tools" - "View" options)
Open users - Username - Appdata - Local - Temp. See if you have a folder named "Low", if not, create one.
If you still are without Printing capability, you may need to reset the "integrity" or security" level of the folder. To do this:

Open a Command Prompt (Run as Administrator), and type this and ENTER:

ICACLS "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\Low" /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

Afterwards restart the computer and try the prinitng option again.

Later. P.S. Of course, now, hopefully, you have regained the menu bar, you probably can see the print options?

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