missing toolbar icons...notification area

I might downloaded something... when i realize my tool bar icons were missing, some new ones were there. Those i never used. I tried customize button but My usual icons were not even there. where are they? how do I get it back? I NEED icon for " safe to remove ..." button !
Can someone answer my question please?:confused:


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dear friend ..

go to Start > Control Panel > Programs Uninstall a program

then uninstall your tool bar then reinstall it again and it will b back . :)


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Posting a picture made with the Snipping Tool and attaching with the paperclip might help folks see what you mean..

But as Naruto mentions, if you downloaded something that was meant to customize your taskbar or some other Windows component, you may need to remove it or figure how to get around the problem.

Thanks. hmm... but I don'y know the name of the task bar I reinstall... I am talking about the icons on the bottom right hand ones.
you know click triangle then you see hidden icons, that ones . sorry it might be so easy task for most people but I don't know how.


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OK, you are talking about the hidden icons or the old System Tray...

Normally in Customize, all the icons are available for showing or not showing in the tray, but they should be there so you can select an option. Some settings that might effect this is the Turn system icons on or off, so try to turn them on. If that doesn't work, perhaps the "Restore default icon behaviors" would help.

If it isn't one of those, I would have to think something had overridden your normal behavior.

Thank you! ok, the icons that ones i used to see on the customize tray those are not exist anymore(don't know why)
so i know what you suggested me but i tried that way but all the selection changed to something else...
I want to try " restore default icon behaivior" but don't know how. could you teach me how to do that? OMG...I truly appriciate it:redface:

oh I got it, " restore default icon behavior" I tried to cleck but couldn't, it didn't happen anything...so...


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I think you mean the feature "Notification icons".
Right click the Start orb. Right click "properties". Click the "taskbar" tab. Click "customize"
If that is the feature you are missing, selct the items you wish to show (or all).

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