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I have this weird problem that cropped up a couple of weeks ago. I have 64-bit Windows 7 installed on my system. I previously had Vista, but did a clean install. I've been running Windows 7 since the middle of December. For some reason the window borders don't show up around certain icons. As you can see here, when I click on the battery icon, there is no border around it. However there is a border around the volume window(screenshot). A seemingly related problem also seems to only effect dialogue boxes. For example, on the tab warning box that pops up when I close Firefox, the window is cut short vertically on either side. This doesn't happen on a "normal" window. Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure when this problem started happening. Here's an album with some screenshots of the problem. Of the default icons at the bottom, only the volume one still has a border. The notification tray also still has a border around it. I did not have this problem before installing AutoCAD, so it's the only thing I can think of that might've caused this problem. Nothing else with my computer was changed. Any ideas how to fix this? Below are the specs for my computer:

Dell Vosto 1710
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo t5670 @1.8 GHz
NVIDIA 8600M GS 256MB Graphics Card
Is there any other relevant info? Everything on my computer is up to date. The video card driver has NOT been changed. I downloaded the driver when I installed Windows 7 and it has worked fine. Thanks for any help!

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Make sure under right click personalize you have an aero theme selected as the basic themes do not show the borders. also when you start up autocad does it switch your display to basic

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It worked! Changing the theme to one of the ones under Aero fixes the problem. For some reason personalized themes are being buggy right now. Thanks!


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no problem

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