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Windows 7 Modem Dropouts


New Member
Feb 27, 2009
When ever I am running a Windows 7 machine my modem drops out randomly. :mad:

OS: Windows 7 Beta Build 7000
Laptop: Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN, Driver V
Desktop: DLINK DWA-520 Wireless 108G

Modem Model: DLink DVA-G330S
Firmware Version: V2.10B01T01.AU.B.20071129

Drivers have been installed automatically from Windows Update and IPv6 has been disabled on the laptop (currently the only machine connected for testing).

As both machines connect wirelessly when it gets knocked out the Network Icon then goes to a Limited or no Connectivity then changes to Local Only but I cannot browse or ping the modem.

Changing to a cable when it drops out also does not resolve the issue, any disconnecting/reconnecting results in an invalid IP configuration message.

When running in either Ubuntu or Windows Vista the drop outs did not occur, but I have not ruled out the modem being at fault since for about a week it did not drop out at all then it started up again.

Have also tested that the power source of the modem is not the issue, also living in a complex I thought that maybe other wireless connections would be an issue but I have detect that most of them are using channel 1 and my modem is configured for channel 6 and signal strength weak.