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    Hello, I just bought a new large format epson printer. This printer has 2 current blank inks (photo black and matteclack) but can use only one at the time depending on the paper selected in the driver window.
    The problem is that every ink change from one black to another is a waste of ink, and money and is not always needed, but the printer driver decides to change it because is associated to the paper and the option to change the ink type for that paper is always shadowedso I can't change it.

    Service support says I have to "cheat"the printer selecting a photo paper even if I'm printing on a matte paper so the printer won't ask for an ink change to matte, but this solutionis not always enough.sometimes I need to select the right paper but changing the default ink type.

    Is there any way to change it within the driver? By Ermak the ink type field or changing that restriction?

    Than you

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