Money 98 probelms with windows 7


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Currently using money98 on my XP PC,, but my new win7 laptop is giving me some issues that I cannot seem to resolve.. Hopefully there my be a smart fellow on the forums here that may help me..

I have backed up on my HD ( windows XP ) the past 11 years of .mny files (each) with the name i.e. 1999 /2000/2001 --- to 2010 . Each of these files gets bigger every year from 1.9 Mb to 2.3 mb to 3.5 mb up to my present 5.3 mb .. I transferred/ stored all seperate files of the 11 years of .mny files on my flash memory stick and walking over to the windows 7 laptop I then installed the CD Money 98 program..

There is a 'default' money program on the install Legacy software with fictious files and banking info that Money 98 graciously gives you to experiment with ..
This installs with no problem no errors..
Using the backup restore (flash memory) I was able to successfully install backups from 2000 to 2006 But not 2007 or 08 or 09 and especially my 2010 files..
So I then went into the program and used the compatibility with XP but that made no differnace in opening up the 2007 to 2010 files which were over the magic mark of 3.1 mb in size ..
Then I took the memory stick back to my XP PC and brought up the money 98 program on my screen and erased then restored from the flash stick the years: ( one at a time) 2000 / 2004 and 2006 all ok .
then I restored 2007 2009 and back to my 2010 files again .. It ALSO restored fine on my XP .. machine.
So what does this tell me? it tells me that Win 7 likes money 98 but only files under 3.1 MB in size.. BUT How can this be? My HP laptop is loaded with AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile Processor /2.4 Gz / 4GB of system memory ..
When I say Win 7 won't accept the newer files , what it does is it backs them up but the laptop won;t rspond is like unresponsive after many many minutes.. where the restore process does only take a milisecond to install.
So once again.. Windows 7 will accept only my restore backups of money 98 (.mny) but only if under 3.1 MB in size....???????????????

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Install Money 98 onto the new laptop with the original install disc.
Then copy the *.mny data file from your old machine into the Documents
folder on the new laptop.

How to find your "My Money.MNY" data file for Money:
How to find your "My Money.MNY" data file for Money


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Yes I used the CD to install on the laptop with the original disc .. and I copied or restored or used the .mny files and the rest as listed is in my post above as the problem is it won't restore any files larger than 3.1 ... ??


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and I could be open to "Remote assistance" ..


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It would seem like Microsoft Money has reached "End of Life". Have you looked into either of these two Sunset versions from microsoft to see if they may possibly resolve your issues. Link Removed due to 404 Error

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