Monitor and Hard Drive Sleep Mode


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I have the computer set up to put the monitor and the hard drives to sleep after 45 minutes.

Apparently, I am using a thymes background where the thymes are auto changing every 30 minutes.

My question is, will the thymes prevent the hard drives from sleeping?

If the computer is not going to be used or accessed for at least over-night, my preference is to have the hard drives and the monitor to go to sleep.


I have another computer that is exhibiting an interesting fault...

When I play videos on Youtube the monitor will no longer sleep after I leave the session. The browser is closed, and there are no active software running in the background. The only way that I know to prevent this monitor's sleep problem is to re-start the computer. Otherwise, the monitor will stay on forever.

I tried to Google, Bing, and Yahoo these questions and was not able to come up with any type of workable answer.

Jerry G. :confused:

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