Windows 7 Monitor Detection and Wireless Network Issues


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I’ve been running Windows 7 Build 7000 since February without any major issues (the biggest being my Netgear wifi dongle not having a driver, which wasn’t fixed with much hassle involved). Yesterday I decided to install RC1, and strangely I’ve been having a few problems since.

Monitor Issues
After installing RC1 and restarting my PC after installing a few programs, I experienced no issues with my monitor. I then later restarted it after having installed a few more programs (all programs I used in Build 7000) and upon startup, I found out that Windows couldn’t detect my monitor. I looked around in settings to see if anything was amiss, but I saw nothing, so I shut down my PC, unplugged my monitor and restarted. No luck. I shut down and unplugged it again, then I restarted it and it detected it fine.

It was working fine for most of today. I’ve done numerous restarted, but this evening randomly upon restarting it didn’t detect my monitor since then. I’ve tried doing what I did yesterday but to no avail. It detects my monitor as a “Generic Plug & Play Monitor,â€Â￾ meaning I’m running at a really whack resolution and can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the problem.

I haven’t experienced any issues with my monitor until now.

Wireless Network
For some reason, at random intervals, Windows seems to lose the connection my wireless network (after having at least 80-100% signal all the time). In order to reconnect I need to unplug my dongle and re-plug it in. This is especially annoying when I leave overnight downloads as the network will disconnect and not reconnect itself.

Any ideas as to what’s causing the problem? I was previously running XP Professional SP3 and wasn’t experiencing any issues, but I noticed this happening (albeit far less often) in W7 Build 7000 too.

Thanks for the help :)