Monitor Goes Into Standby After Installation

Hey everyone,

I've done a clean install of Windows RC 7 (64-bit), and at the point where the install says "determining video settings" (or something similar) my monitor will go into standby mode and nothing will wake it up.

After rebooting, I can get to the part where it wants me to enter the product key, user name, password, etc. All of that goes without a hitch. Then it says "Preparing your desktop." At that point, the circle cursor thing spins for a few rotations, stops, and I lose signal again (the computer stays on though - doesn't auto-reboot or anything).

I can get it to boot up in safe mode, and I've tried installing a variety of video drivers to see if that might solve the issue. The latest NVIDIA drivers install (with an odd error that says "stereo server has not been properly installed," though the dirvers seem to install in spite of that). When I use THOSE drivers, Windows will boot up to the login screen. At this point, after I enter my password and hit enter, I'll get an odd graphical glitch on the screen, and the computer will reboot.

I've tried using older drivers, going back to February/March, and in this case, I don't get the Stereo error, but when I enter my password, the monitor will go into standby mode just like it did the first time upon installation.

My video card is a GeForce 285 GTX and I'm running an Intel Core 2 quad on an intel mobo with 2gb of RAM.

I've reinstalled twice, but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?

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