Windows 7 Monitor Goes into Standby, Settings are off.

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Jan 1, 2013
I wasn't sure where else to post this, so I'd thought I'd post it here, since I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the hardware, most likely the MOBO or something.

I recently upgraded my Roommate's computer, we had a few issues already, apparently it was BIOs issues, since it was working fine after a fresh install.

The thing is now though, and it happened before too, is that even after turning off the standby settings, the Monitor still insists on going into Standby, even after we turned off the settings, this only started after using the Motherboard's Core Unlocker to revamp it's power.

The MOBO is an ASUS M5A 88-V EVO, Processor is an AMD Phenom II X4 Black, there's 8 GB of RAM installed, a Cooler Master Extreme 2 725 PSU, and it's running Windows 7 SP1 64-Bit.
What settings are you referring to that is turned off?

What I would do is go back into the BIOS and set the BIOS to it's default settings and save/exit then let it start up. AS far as the core unlocker goes, if the cpu is a quad core there are no cores to unlock and using the mobo's core unlocker is a waste of time. If your are referring to OC (over clocking) then there are a few excellent 3rd party software do this but it's recommend to OC from with in the BIOS.
The standby settings are off, the ones that control the sleep mode/standby of the computer and monitor. As for unlocker, it's one of the ASUS Mobos that have the 'Press 4 to Activate Unlocker' at the start up, which I believe is the built-in Overclock. I managed to successfully do so with my computer without anything wrong, and since his computer pretty much has the same stuff, save for a different Mobo, it shouldn't have that much effect on it.
The unlocker is for unlocking dormant cores on the cpu (usually for an X 3 CPU) has nothing to do with over clocking. Asus OCing utility is called Asus TurboV EVO, MSI has AfterBurner and there are a few others as well.

What make and model GPU are you using? Generally there are some settings built into the GPU software to set the monitors to hibernate/sleep mode when not active. I know AMD has it, as I have an AMD 6700 series, under the power tab, then power profiles. If you have an Nvidia GPU look for something like that.
Have a look at this....straight from Asus...

core unlocker.PNG

Well, we have noticed a difference in performance between unlocking and not. Mainly because of gaming. The GPU, like I said, is an AMD Phenom II X4 Black. That WAS put in my first post.
Monitors have their own sleep mode settings totally independent of the motherboard settings. So a monitor will go to sleep if it receives no signal, even if the computer is set to never go to sleep.

It sounds like to me, the monitor is working fine. However, whenever troubleshooting possible monitor issues, the first thing to do is swap monitors with another computer. If the problem follows monitor 1 to computer 2, you know the problem is in the monitor. If the problem stays with computer 1 when using monitor 2, you know the problem is on the computer side.

Now if you are saying the monitor goes to sleep while the computer is still running and wide awake, that suggests the monitor is losing signal from the graphics solution. Start by checking the video cable connections. If good, swap monitors.
Well, we have noticed a difference in performance between unlocking and not. Mainly because of gaming. The GPU, like I said, is an AMD Phenom II X4 Black. That WAS put in my first post.

That's not the GPU (graphical processing unit), what you have listed is the CPU (central processing unit)....big difference there. If you look at my specs by clicking the little computer tab next the the I Quote selected'll see that I'm running an AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (black edition) CPU. You don't list the number version of your CPU.

As to your core unlocking, I have no clue what your doing there, as the X4 (CPU) has all 4 cores all ready unlocked, that's the way those CPU's come.

amd cpu.jpgamd gpu.jpg

first picture is a CPU and second picture is a GPU
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Sorry, I derped and didn't read it right. Was kinda tired. Yeah, the graphics is just the on-board stuff right now. The Processor is the exact same one you've got there. We'll look into a new monitor though. He's planning on getting a Graphics Card soon as well, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
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