Monitor losing signal durning installion of windows 7


I have been trying to install windows 7 home premium on my pc for during the last day so far have not manage to complete a full installtion.

My Comp:
motherbaord: gigabyte GAP35Ds3R
graphic card: 9800gt Nvidia
CPu is 6600 Pentium

I have tried installing windows 7 over 16 times now and the issues that constantly occurs is that during installation my monitor switches to standby mode (saying it is recieving no signal) and the disc drive will just spin and stop over and over again. I have left it at this point for over two hours with no results and i have to hard restart. This has occured at numerous points along the installion of windows. The points it has occured at is:
- beginning backdrop screen before any menus open (after the 2 black loading screens)
- after the selection of language menu
- after selecting the hard drive to install on
- during the expaning file phase on installion
- at complete installion (when the bar is about 3/4 along the screen)

On the few occasions that i made it to the complete installion phase, the computer perviously stated that it needs to restart before continuing, however it will shut down to just the background and will not restart the pc. Each time i have retstarted the pc by pressing the button. It has then continue on reboot but a black screen fellow a few minute later

Another point to note is that the menu in the installer take a good five minutes to appear each time

I have tried running with duel monitor, then again with each montior/ DVI slot and also tried using a VAG (with a DVI/VAG adapter).
I have tried running on a 8800gt and now i am using a 9800gt nvidia graphic card
I have tried installing with multiple disc and with mutliple IDE dvd drives , also on multiple harddrives (with only one connected at a time and all together) (The discs worked on another pc in the house)
I have disconnected all usb ports, and only have the basic connected to my pc and checked all the sata, power , ide connections in the pc.

For one of the easiest installion of a os i having major issues with it so i would be really greatful if anyone has a solution to my problem


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Hello ans welcome to the windows7forums.

Are you trying to perform a "clean" install or an upgrade?

If this is not the purchased vversion, burn a new ISO using Imgburn at 1x speed and be sure to use a good quality name -brand DVD

Download Imgburn here":

The Official ImgBurn Website

yeah i was preforming a clean install and the cd's i was using are purchased version
thanks for your reply however i have now manage to install windows 7 on my pc after much trail and error

My solution in the end involved connecting my screen with a DIV cable and a VGA cable at the same time, (this helped fixed an issue because the screen flicked from digital to analog near the end of installation) only connecting a single hard drive via the sata ports, and only having the power, monitor and internet cable in the pc ( i had to pull the mouse and keybpard cables during the installion process and only put them back for the duration of the menu screens)


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Very strange,

But I;m glad you finally got it!

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