Monitor randomly goes into sleep mode...


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and i cant wake it up! Ever since I upgraded from vista to 7 if I leave my pc unnatended for say maybe 10 minutes the monitor goes into sleep mode and it doesnt turn back on, I am forced to do a hrad reset by plugging out the power for the monitor to work again. In the power settings I have it et not to sleep for 4 hours but this seems to be getting ignored! All help is appreciated!



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Monitor Randomly goes into sleep made

In Windows 7 do the following:- Go to Control Panel, then to Performance information and tools. Click and open Adjust Power settings. Check the Balanced (recommended) then change plan settings. Change Turn of the display setting to Never and also Put computer to sleep setting to never.
This will stop the sleep mode and display mode from activating. If you leave your computer on 24/7 then turn off monitor/s at night or when you are away from your computer. If not just shut down and restart next time you use your computer.
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