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Hey everyone

So i guess i messed up a bit somewhere and i cant seem to find a solution for desktop and office software are showing a rather big size for their toolbars....i can't really describe it any better but its somehow related to the resolution.

Currently my screen resolution is 1920x1080 which is the recommended resolution and its has always been that way. however i did some random key combination on my keyboard and now some applications have their resolution browser, google chrome, is acting perfectly normal, and things like that. So this specific change only affected desktop, windows itself, microsoft office and some other software like paint....

Theres a couple of screenshots i did to show you my problem here, not sure if you guys can really see the problem here, but the point is just that some programms do not show the same resolution as before, seems too big now.

But i repeat, this problem wont be solved by changing the resolution of the monitor at the control panel because i already checked that in still is at its recommended resolution and it hasnt been changed.

Anyone knows where i can check the resolution of certain things specifically, or some other way to change resolutions besides the control panel?


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Under Control Panel > Appearance and Personalizations > Display you can change the font size of items such as Icons, tool tips, Windows etc.
you pretty much solved 80% of my problem thanks man. but it didnt solve the big size of office's toolbar. However, i had some update, restarted my computer, bla bla, and that last problem disappeared....perhaps it had nothing to do with the update but rather some of the changes you suggested required to restart the computer, so everything is pretty much solved now.

Thanks for the help man :)