Monitors turn off 60 seconds


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I have a dual monitor system with W-7 Pro
Power settings are to turn off the display after one hour and has been doing that for a year.

A couple of days ago, System just started to turn off the displays after about 60 seconds.
They come right back with a mouse shake or keyboard tap.

Set for 1 hour in normal and Advanced settings.

Any help?


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I know that it may sound an obvious answer, but have you checked your screen saver settings. A blank screen saver set to one minute will look and behave pretty much like you are describing.


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Thanks for making me check.

Wasn't that. For some reason, problem disappeared.
Had forgotten about it 'till this post.


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Gotta love those problems that fix them self automagically. Thanks for the followup and sorry about the delay in responding to your post.

I think you made some mistake in screen saver setting ,change it with a beautiful one and see the difference.

Always nice when problems, just of their own volition, just decide to run off into the sunset; nice it did, though

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