More powers for Big Brother?

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by kemical, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Here in the UK the goverment plan to tighten laws so to be able to 'snoop' on anyone without having to obtain a warrant first. One of the founding fathers of the web had this to say....

    Personally I feel it makes the book '1984' seem niave...... :-#


    Web pioneer Sir Tim Berners-Lee slams Government's monitoring plans - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
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    George Orwell's 1984 was naive indeed, Ross. Here in the United States, it was recently brought to light on the Internet-based news networks, and not the television ones, it was revealed that the FBI is looking to obtain additional powers to obtain a backdoor into Facebook accounts, Skype, Twitter, and, likely, many more social networking websites. In fact, this effort follows in the wake of other failed attempts to regulate the free flow of information on the Internet. For instance, the Congress failed to pass SOPA and PIPA, which were laws being championed by the movie industry in Hollywood to protect their intellectual property. However, even after SOPA and PIPA were defeated, when several major sites, including Wikipedia and Reddit staged a "24 hour blackout", President Obama and European leaders signed into an international treaty, a law called ACTA. This law allows for unspecified enhanced cooperation between international law enforcement agencies over the Internet; potentially allowing them to spy on an Internet user's activities without their knowledge. In addition to this news, enforcement of the ACTA law seems to have gone into effect with the immediate arrest of Kim Dotcom from MegaUpload, right after PIPA and SOPA were defeated in the United States Congress.

    In addition to the FBI's reported efforts to obtain information, it has come to light that yet another law is under consideration known as CISPA. This unprecedented attack on Internet freedom and privacy can not go unnoticed. It appears that the effort is not solely based in the United States, and is being coordinated by the international power brokers who hold sway throughout North America and Europe.

    For more information on these unbelievable efforts to assault Internet freedoms, check out these links:

    FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now - 4th of May 2012
    Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act - Latest bill largely going unnoticed by the general public
    PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) - largely defeated in US Congress due to pressure from commercial websites
    STOP ONLINE PRIVACY ACT (SOPA) - defeated after large Internet blackout from major websites

    It seems that the goal to control the news and powerful information circulating across the arteries of the Internet itself are constantly being assailed by the forces of government power. I would like to know in what other countries are these efforts being made? Certainly, we criticize the Chinese, the Middle Eastern nations, and all other states that attack human rights for censoring the Internet - but we are attempting to do the same. This is a true travesty and injustice in my opinion.
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    At least they are honest about what they are doing - the UK and the US are sneaky about it and when they get caught out they try to tell us it is all in our interest and for our benefit. At best a nanny state and worst a police state.
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