POLITICS Morning Joe Blasts the DNC for ‘Rigging’ Primary Against Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

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    Morning Joe may have just broken Bernie’s mainstream media blackout.

    Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spoke at length in an unbroken 14-minute segment today about Sanders, calling his rise to prominence an “incredible story,” which prompted Mika to ask the penultimate question that Sanders supporters have been pushing for months:

    “What’s the story we’re missing here?” she said. “I feel like every day we’re missing the Bernie Sanders story.”

    “How incredible, a traditional candidate (Clinton) has all the party machinery behind her,” Scarborough said. “Has to raise money as politicians have had to do for 200 years, and yet… Bernie Sanders.”

    A panelist reported that Bernie raised $43 million in February compared to Hillary’s $30 million, all from small donations.

    “He doesn’t have to spend a single minute going to fundraisers,” another panelist said. “I have not covered a single fundraiser with Bernie Sanders, because he doesn’t do them. You say to his aides, ‘This usually takes half the (candidate’s) time and they’re like ‘Really?'”

    The segment — titled “Does Sanders Still Get No Respect?” — discussed the incredible obstacles Bernie has overcome, accusing the Democratic party of “rigging” the election multiple times.

    “The Democratic party,” Joe said. “And I know the Republican party wishes they rigged the process as well as the Democratic party did right now, because they could rig it against Trump — but the Democratic party rigs their process so that these superdelegates, which by the way can move any direction they want, actually skew the process and the reporting so badly that the voters actually don’t have their say when it comes to voting.”

    Mika spoke of Hillary as more of an incoming queen than a Presidential candidate, calling her campaign a “coronation” by the Democratic Party.
    Morning Joe Blasts the DNC for 'Rigging' Primary Against Bernie Sanders (VIDEO) :zoned:

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