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Windows 7 Mosue Stopped Working


New Member
Oct 25, 2006
Mouse Stopped Working

I rebooted from XP to 7 today and my mouse stopped working. I heard the USB Device sound like when you plug in a device when I booted, when I got to the machine my mouse was lit, everything worked except the USB mouse. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it still didn't work. I plugged it into a diff USB port and it worked. I plug it back into the other port it doesn't work but other devices in that port work. I assume if I reboot or remove the USB devices from device manager and let Windows auto-detect, it will be fixed, but why is this happening?

Solved: Went into the device manager and under Mice it showed Unknown Device, so I right clicked and Enabled it.
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Edit: The past few days my mouse stopped working again and right->click enabling doesn't fix it. have to resort to using my cordless USB one which isn't the best for gaming. And yes I have XP for gaming, but I am beta testing 7 so I like to game in it aswell.
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Sounds liked a bad mouse driver. What is the make and model of your mouse?
Um it's a Creative... doesn't say. Worked fine before, until I heard that sound the one day. Re-installed driver, uninstalled/installed, disabled,enabled, etc. Doesn't work. PS Works fine in XP/Ubuntu/Any other OS w/ plug 'n' play

PS Sorry cannot change title for some reason, mis-spelled mouse
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Well it is definitely a driver issue then. I am sorry i cannot help until i have more info about the mouse. I would check the manufacturers website for the latest vista driver and install it.
OK I just looked at the bottom of the mouse. It's a
Creative Mouse Optical Lite
Model No: OMC90S

I'll Google for a driver (if I can find one), test it and report back next time I boot into 7.

Creative no longer has drivers for Link Removed - Invalid URL, and I can't find any on the internet =(

Edit: Rebooted and enabled it again in device manager and now it's working. I have a feeling it will stop working again though =S
Hope M$ fixes this before they RTM.
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Same problem

I have exactly the same problem, the mouse only works after I choose to restart my system from the Windows 7 desktop. I've tried loading the correct driver for the mouse rather than the generic driver that is pre-installed into Windows but the same problem still exists. The next time I go to use my laptop, the problem re-appears.

I'm using a Lenovo N200 3000 series laptop 0769 BWG