Motherboard problems after installing windows 7


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After installing windows 7 (oem) I have problems starting my computer. I did all the upgrates, but problems remain. I have an unknown device:

ID: ACPI\PNPB006\3&2411E6FE&1 Foutcode: 28
for wich windows can't find any sollutions. I believe it is my motherboard wich needs an update ( it's an Asus a8n sli-se) i found a possible update from the asus website (A8N-SLI SE Bios version 0502) wich results in a downloaded .bin file. i have not yet installed this.

since im not a technical guy ( wich you already guessed ;)) im wondering wheter this is the sollution to my problem. and if there's a simple way to update my bios. any linkes to How-to's?

i have included my msinfo.

help is much appreciated!




Install my attachment. Extract it, go inside the 32 folder. Double click the .exe.

Then do a Windows Update and install any of the optional drivers with NVIDIA in its name.


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Hi you're quick again. you helped me, with i guess the same problem, the other day. didn't help then. what kind of program did you attach?

That's the latest AsACPI.sys driver which is common to all ASUS motherboards.

You can update your bios to from ASUS' site if you wish.

ASUS will have update utilities to use, most likely for Windows and Dos. You can use the Windows version to install the .bin. Look for Bios Update Utility.


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Well, did it anyway and it seemed to work :)

wonder what went wrong last time.

thanks again

Perhaps my explanation of how to install it was the difference here.

You're welcome. :)

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