Motherboard Upgrade due to Incompatibility


I've recently build my new system but i guess i didn't do enough background research on my components since I was one of the many who paired an ASUS P6TD v1 board with an Intel Core I7 930.

Been having problems ever since building it. Would have long stable periods and then not be able to do a single thing without the system hanging up. So I've decided to change out the motherboard. However I would prefer to not have this happen again with hardware incompatibility problems.

I am looking at getting an ASUS Rampage III Extreme. I would just like some help to make sure that the components that will be carried over to this new motherboard will not cause any problems. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Current Hardware Setup

OS -- Windows 7 Pro
CPU -- Intel Core I7 930
Motherboard -- ASUS P6TD v1
Memory -- 12GB of GSkill DDR3 2000 (6x2GB)
GPU -- Dual ATI Radeon HD 5870
PSU -- Corsair TX950
HDD -- Seagate 500GB

If I'm missing something I can let you know what it is

Also a side question, my Windows 7 OS is legit with a legit key and I'm wondering what will happen when I change the motherboard. I've heard that the product key "locks" onto the motherboard that your system has and so I'm thinking that it might void my key when I make this motherboard swap. Any truth in this or will I be ok?

Thanks again.


If you've had long durations of stability, that probably goes to show that it is some software problem.

If you'd like my opinions on the software aspect of things for the current system, please do the following. Type msinfo32 in the start menu then hit enter. File | save on the opened screen. Zip the saved file and attach it to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.

I can tell you straight away that you need to make sure the ASACPI.sys driver is 2009 or newer. Older versions wreak havoc on Windows 7 and is common with Asus boards. To update it, install the latest ATK0110 install available on your motherboard's site, under download then utilities section.


Thanks for replying. I checked that file in the windows files and it seems to be a 2009 version, but i downloaded and installed the file from the ASUS site again just in case.

I have attached the system information just to see if you can find anything noticeably wrong. Any help with solving this is appreciated.

Also yes having stable periods is true over the past 4 months, but I've also done maybe a dozen fresh installs of the OS to keep those stable periods.


Some things to try.

Type services.msc in the start menu.

Disable the following services here:

AMD External Events Utility
ASUS System Control Service
Offline Files (Unless you actually use this which most do not.)


Your current lan driver, Marvell Yukon 88E8056 is from 9/28/2009. If your motherboard page has an update to it, install.


I would uninstall all the Asus provided utilities. The motherboard utilities commonly cause all types of problem for users. So, try uninstalling everything from ASUS and see how it goes. (AISuite, TurboV etc...)

Also a side question, my Windows 7 OS is legit with a legit key and I'm wondering what will happen when I change the motherboard. I've heard that the product key "locks" onto the motherboard that your system has and so I'm thinking that it might void my key when I make this motherboard swap. Any truth in this or will I be ok?
You should be fine as long as you have the Retail Full Version or Upgrade install discs the it won't matter. OEM discs are a little different since the OS then is tied to the machine's hardware specs, usually the motherboard and hard drives are the ones used.

But you can get a workaround for this by simply calling MS Windows Tech support and explaining the situation. I have done this several times in the past with XP Pro OEM version.


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but i guess i didn't do enough background research on my components since I was one of the many who paired an ASUS P6TD v1 board with an Intel Core I7 930.
Please explain what you are talking about. As clearly shown on the ASUS CPU Support page, all versions of that motherboard support, with the BIOS noted, that CPU just fine.

Did you install the latest BIOS?



Ok so I disabled those services and the LAN adapter is updated with the latest driver found on ASUS' site. I also uninstalled the ASUS software, so ill see if that made a difference.


Then I should be ok, if not then ill talk to Microsoft.


It just seems that when I was looking on other forums, that I kept seeing people posting and complaining about system hang ups and freezes when they have paired the P6TD V1 and I7 930. I've also read that the 930 was not compatible with the v1 and only the 920 was stable with this version. And yes as soon as I got the motherboard I installed the BIOS update.

Since my system is stable for now, I'm going to see if it continues to be stable and if it starts hanging up again, I'm going to have to look at an alternative.


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I've also read that the 930 was not compatible with the v1
Where? Got a link?

The problem with looking on other forums is no poster is going to start a new thread to report this CPU works with that board. Happy people don't complain or start threads. And ASUS is a major, reputable motherboard maker, so if there were a problem with a particular CPU, it would not be listed on their compatibility chart.

...only the 920 was stable with this version.
Yeah, now that's nonsense. Do not take what one or two individuals say on a forum as the gospel. Now if a major review site like Toms Hardware, Anandtech, Hardware Zone, or Tweaktown said that in a real article or review, that would be different. That's like I don't put much stock in user reviews at Newegg either. Again, happy people don't complain. Now if there were 10 reviews and each one had the exact same complaint - then that would be a pattern to pay attention to.

CompUSA, Circuit City, and Tiger Direct, are even selling the pair as a bundle!


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Sorry about the delay in responding.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- i7 930 and P6TD Deluxe V1 are NOT compatible

I was looking at this thread.

And my system has been stable so maybe some of the changes that were suggested fixed what ever was causing the problem. Thank you all again
I saw that link before - did you read through it? Two people in the whole wide world (that guy and you) having a problem with that CPU on that board does not even remotely suggest they are not compatible. Did you note what the ASUS moderator said, in red?
-you should link to some sort of proof of this rather than simply complaining and making wild accusations, otherwise you sound like a troll that's trying to stir up trouble
I am not suggesting you are trying to stir up trouble. I don't believe that for a second. I am just saying you need to be realistic. I provided 3 links where respected sites are selling that CPU and that motherboard as a bundled pair. Do you really think they would do that if not compatible? When asked for a link multiple times, that poster didn't have any - except to his own post, and another post that was a different CPU. Then others showed where they had the same combinations and no problems. And they provided a link to a respected site (bit-tech) that had conducted a very thorough review of that CPU using that same motherboard. They even tested that CPU's overclocking capabilities using that board and found it could run at an astonishing 4.3GHz with a standard air cooler! If there were any compatibility issues, they would have surfaced then for sure.

Is the i7 930 compatible with the ASUS P6TD? Absolutely! And there is plenty of proof!

I don't think i looked too far through the post. I was just tired of the constant hang-ups, but ill start to look for other causes for it. Thanks for all your help


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Well I would look at heat, and maybe run with 6Gb of RAM and see if that holds, then swap out a couple sticks at a time.


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It is possible that there are some hiccups with this board and the CPU. You should do what is suggested in the Asus thread and try updating the BIOS, if at all possible, try changing the memory timings and voltage to fit your G-SKILL memory specifications exactly from the instruction manual. Do not do any of this unless you absolutely have to. You are using a hefty amount of RAM, and if timing or voltage issue, this could push things over the edge. These timings and voltages should be published for the exact type of G-SKILL memory you purchased. If trouble continues, you should CAREFULLY reseat the processor and re-apply thermal compound. If the seating is off, or there is a problem with the thermal tape/compound, you could have an overheating issue or some strange issues. However, since following Torrent's suggestions, if you do not have any further problems, don't even go near this as an option ever. If experiencing continued problems, as a last resort, make sure the memory is firmly seated properly on the motherboard, and also that no metal parts or screws are hanging around under the board. Ensure that all connections being made into the motherboard are solid.

Finally, as a last resort, if this problem does pop up again, consider RMA'ing the motherboard. However, it does look like this was a software issue. TorrentG knows his stuff in this case. A lot of times the motherboard tools and drivers are really bad news, including the stuff from Gigabyte as well.

All o those suggestions sound good, right now the system is stable, i will look into modifying settings and other stuff if it starts acting up again. And just wondering what a system with my specs should be running at temp-wise?


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I note you said you did upgrade the BIOS to the current one as suggested earlier. And I agree that RAM timings are important, but since you have reset the BIOS, the board should read and determine the correct settings automatically for normal clocking for that RAM. If it doesn't, that's a problem, and then I agree, returning the motherboard may be your best option. But I would still try it with just 3 sticks of RAM first. And just to be sure, I note the Qualified Vendor List for RAM and that board only lists one GSkill DDR3 2000 model, F3-16000CL9D-4GBTD(XMP). That does not mean other models won't work, but it means they have tested that model and verified that one does. You did not mention which model you have, but RAM compatibility could be the issue here and I would suspect that before it being an issue with the CPU. Compatibility issues with CPUs generally result in the system not working at all.

That said, since you note it seems to be stable now, I would leave it be. As for your temps, I start getting nervous when the CPU reaches 60°C and prefer to keep them under 50°C at all times. And with the RAM slots fully populated, you should make sure you have good front to back air flow across them too. Your motherboard utilities disk will have a HW Monitor - ASUS calls theirs PC Probe.

The model for the ram i have now is F3-16000CL9-2GBTD


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I don't have a clue if that matters. I certainly don't always buy off the qualified vendors lists and generally don't have problems. But I have not installed 6 sticks for 12Gb in a system yet either. At any rate, since I assume you would have said something in your last post if the system was not still stable, then hopefully it does not matter.

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