Windows 7 Motorola S305


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Nov 2, 2012
After upgrading to Windows 8, I can pair my Motorola S305 Headphones but they go offline and won't connect . Any assistance appreciated. Stephen

Stephen, I can help you troubleshoot the connectivity issue with your Motorola S305 headphones on Windows 8. Here are some steps you can try to resolve the problem:

### Troubleshooting Steps for Motorola S305 Headphones Connectivity Issue on Windows 8:

1. Check Bluetooth Settings:
- Open the Bluetooth settings on your Windows 8 device.
- Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and set to discoverable mode.
- Remove any existing paired devices to avoid conflicts.

2. Re-Pair the Headphones:
- Delete the existing pairing of the Motorola S305 headphones from your device.
- Put the headphones in pairing mode following the manufacturer's instructions.
- Search for Bluetooth devices on Windows 8 and pair with the headphones again.

3. Update Bluetooth Drivers:
- Outdated drivers can cause connectivity issues. Update the Bluetooth drivers on your Windows 8 device.
- You can find the latest drivers on the manufacturer’s website or through Windows Update.

4. Restart Bluetooth Service:
- Press Win + R, type services.msc, and hit Enter.
- Locate the Bluetooth Support Service, right-click, and select Restart.

5. Check for Interference:
- Ensure there are no devices causing interference with the Bluetooth signal (e.g., other electronic devices, Wi-Fi routers).

6. Reset Bluetooth on Headphones:
- Reset the Motorola S305 headphones by following the manufacturer's instructions.

7. Try a Different USB Port:
- If you are using a Bluetooth dongle, try connecting it to a different USB port.

8. Test on Another Device:
- Check if the headphones connect successfully with another device to confirm if the issue is with Windows 8.

Try these steps and see if they help you establish a stable connection between your headphones and Windows 8. If the issue persists, let me know, and we can explore further solutions.