Windows 7 Mounting ISO-files


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Jan 28, 2009
What tool can i use to mount iso-files under win7?
i tried out DaemonTools and Alcohol120% as well as VirtualCloneDrive, but none of them worked:(
any suggestions:confused:

thanks, works fine!!
another question: Virtual CloneDrive somehow didnt deinstall cleanly and left 4 virtal drives that are still shown in the explorer, but have no function any more. Is there a way to delete them?

i googled "delete virtual drives" and came up with this in about 45 seconds :)

How do i remove the virtual drives

Q:- I uninstalled Alcohol but the virtual drives remain, how do i remove them?

A:- Go to control panels/system/hardware/device manager, find under "SCSI and Link Removed due to 404 Error" the Alcohol* SCSI controller, and remove it.

All Alcohol drives will disappear. Normally this happens automatically when you uninstall alcohol, unless at the uninstallation time you still had some image mounted.

You will Also need to remove Plug and Play Bios Extension from Link Removed due to 404 Error Devices. and if needed the Virtual Drive Drivers from the Windows/System32/Drivers Folder.

* Name of the Virtual Drive Driver varies from version to Version

that happend to me as well so I installed it again took them off from there.

thanks for all your help! :)