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I hope I am in the correct forum for my question:
I just got a new laptop that came with Win7. Easy enough to use, however, every time I place the mouse cursor over any actionable field and leave it there for a couple of seconds it actions the command without me clicking the left button. How can I stop this? It's reeallly annoying. Just one example; while filling out the registration for this forum it actioned the "complete registration" icon while I was reading the instruction etc. So if anybody knows how to stop this, I would really appreciate it.
BTW; I looked in the Control Panel and the Mouse icon, but could't find any solution.
Mathias Schade


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Hello, as i see this is your first post, welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.
Does your touchpad have other gestures such as scrolling using finger(s)?

Hi Mitchell,
I don't have "scrolling using finger" set up. However, your response made me look at the Synaptics settings again and set the tapping sensitivity lower. Maybe it was set for a very light tapping touch and that caused actioning the icons when the cursor happened to be over it. Let's see what happens.
Again, thanks for your response.


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I would have suggested that, but I hadn't been thinking it was late at night lol.
Hope you've fixed the problem!

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