Mouse and Keyboard do not work on the OS selection screen


I am facing an issue where my keyboard does not work on the OS selection scrren, I have Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on two different partitions and Windows 7 has been set as Default OS, i do not have the option of choosing Windows XP as the Keyboard does not function, strangely it comes back on when Windows 7 starts to load....
Please help as i need to access Windows Xp too


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Sounds like your bios is not supporting the keyboard. If it is USB, try plugging into a different port.

Check the bios to make sure the USB is enabled and certain functions are enabled, but not sure which ones, maybe Legacy.

If it is a PS/2 keyboard, make sure you have it plugged in correctly.

Thanks for your reply Mate

The Bios i guess supports it , because i am able to use them(the light glows) in all other screens , tried getting into BIOS and the same issue, meaning the KB and Mouse lights go off and they dont work.

I have a USB mouse and Keyboard , and it is an issue only with OS selection screen and after your reply found out that i face a similar issue with BIOS screen as well

Hi mate, with USB keyboard & mouse you need to go into your BIOS and enable something like:

USB Legacy Support
USB Emulation
PS2 Emulation
Keyboard & Mouse Emulation
USB Keyboard & Mouse
Keyboard & Mouse Compatibility

Obviously it differs for each BIOS - I'm just giving examples.

Hope that helps mate.


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Sometimes the bios requires an F key. If there is an option for turning those on on the keyboard, check that.

If not, maybe try another keyboard. Aa PS/2 keyboard might be needed in some circumstances, like using a kvm switch or an older system.

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