Mouse no longer wakes up laptop...Why?

I have a laptop with a monitor attached. I use to be able to come in and move the mouse to wake up the system. Now, I need to open the laptop and push the power button. I have gone into System/Device Manager/Mice.... and there is no option to "allow device to wake up". My knowledge is limited, but I do understand some things. I just don't see what could have caused this change. It JUST HAPPENED out of the blue! :confused:

Thanks for any adivce you can give me!!


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You might want to go into your bios settings and check. There should be a setting that you can enable to let your mouse wake up the computer.

I don't have any idea how to go into my BIOS. Can you help me? Your little picture of banging your head on the desk is the way I feel right now! I use to know this stuff, but it changes so fast and I'm 10 years behind!!! Thanks!


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I will do my best. At the bottom of your screen when you first start or restart your computer, you will see at the bottom of your screen where it will say something like F2 or something along those lines to enter your bios. Press the button that it says to open it. Not sure where it is located in the bios but it should be there. Maybe someone else here can give you better directions on how to open it. You will have to be quick to catch it. If you see what key to hit and then don't get it fast enough your computer will continue to restart. That case just go back and restart it and hit it the minute it shows up again.

Thank you so much. I did that and found it. Changed a setting "allow USB devices to wake up" or something to that effect. Thanks again.:razz:


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Your welcome, I hope that solves your problem.

Yes it did, but now I'm trying to do the same thing with my husband's computer. He has a laptop with Windows XP and a monitor attached. EVERYTIME he goes to use it he would have to open the lid to start it up. I then "Enabled" the wake up with USB in the BIOS (like I did with mine) but now he has to open the lid AND push the power button to start it. I don't have a clue what else to change. It's a little different than Windows 7 and I'm baffled. I'm hoping you know what to do with this one! You did so great the first time... don't fail me now...LOL!! Thanks anyway for any advise you can offer!


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It should be the same. Check your bios again and make sure that you didn't miss something. I can't see why it should be any different. Maybe somebody else here who has more knowledge of computers than me can help. Sorry I don't have a very good answer for you.

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