Mouse not working in win7

When i am playing any gamesd on win7 pro N 64 bit, i seem to have an issue where the mouse cursor cannot reach the bottom or right hand side of the screen. This makes it very hard t click buttons, scrolls screens etc.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
Is driving me nuts.

If this is the incorrect forum, apologies, but am getting desperate for some help here

USB mouse, win7 pro64 N, brand new box, amd cpu, gt240nvidia 1024 gfx,

Hello and Welcome. : )

1. Is the mouse driver installed?

2. Do you see the same behavior on other screen resolutions as well?

3. Does this happen while playing games ONLY?

Hello and Welcome. : )

1. Is the mouse driver installed?
Microsoft mouse, no extra drivers installed

2. Do you see the same behavior on other screen resolutions as well?

3. Does this happen while playing games ONLY?
Seems so so far, thinking maybe a directx problem, but not sure.

1. Are these old or new games? Check if the game is Windows 7 compatible: Windows 7 Compatibility for Starcraft: Drivers, Updates, Downloads
Medieval 2, league of legends

2. Try going to options in the game menu and resetting your mouse settings to "default".
doesn't help.
tried resizing rez, all the usual silly tricks, but nothing is helping.


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I still don't know if it's an old game or not. If it is, you can try this:
Have you tried VMLite ( It's a free software which also provides a XPMode.

There are other solutions for old games but first tell me what game is it?

Medieval 2, Total War is quite new, this year.
Total War

League of legends is also new, the specific version came out this year.
League of Legends League of Legends

It seems almost as if the bottom space is the size of the taskbar, and the right hand side is the size of the widgets bar
However i am not using the widget nonsense....


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Medieval 2, Total War is not compatible with Windows 7 x64.
Windows 7 Compatibility for Medieval II: Total War version 1: Sega. Drivers, Updates, Downloads


Try to change your mouse and Aero settings:
Disable Aero Snap (the Mouse Drag Window Arranging Feature in Windows 7) - How-To Geek


Try to install the games in XP SP 3 compatibility mode and check if it works fine.
To install the game in XP SP 3 compatibility mode:
1. Copy the game CD contents on the hard drive.
2. Right click on the game setup file, click Properties, click Compatibility tab, under compatibility mode, check mark “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” from the drop down list. Click Apply and then click ok.
3.Under “Privilege level”, click “Run this program as an administrator”, click apply and then click ok.
4.Install the game successfully and restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
5.Launch the game and check for its functionality.
Refer :
Using Windows XP Mode


Try using a different mouse. (Don't think it's the issue but can't hurt to try).


When installing League of Legends on Windows Vista or Windows 7 do not install Riot Games in the Program Files directory. Choosing the default directory or any other non-Program Files directory should work fine.

Also make sure you have the latest Windows service packs installed.


Try set the game at a different resolution and also try to set it NOT full screen and see if the mouse reaches all places. Also, if you use a dual monitor, try turning one off and see if the problem persists.


Difficult to install in xp3 compatibility mode for league of legends as it is an online installer.

For the opthers i will try

Tried the aero fix, no go.

Tried a different usb mouse, no go.

All service packs for x64 is installed., and all updates.

Games do not have window mode, so could not try that. Tried different resses, no go. No dual monitor.

Sorry, thanks for the answer, but nothing useful there :(

Beginning to think it might be as a result of League of Legends installing Adobe AIR. Since then the problem exists, and did not exist before then. It also loaded a number of directx sdk packages, so could be that too.
Currently have 7 outstanding tickets with riot games, so hope something happens there

Have found what could be the culprit.

Whenever i try to install the following update from MS, bad things happen

Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2286198)

Says the pc needs to restart, so i let it restart, it gives the configuring updates message, then runs till it gets to 15% and then promptly crashes. No motion on the blue circle, no nothing, it sits doing nothing. To ensure i was not overreacting, i let it sit for 45 minutes, before i ran system restore. This might be the culprit?


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You can find out by doing a restore to a few weeks back before some of Windows updates were installed and try again.
I doubt that that specific update is the problem since it DIDN'T install, like you said, so if it's not installed I don't think it would cause problems. But do the restore and report back.

Some others that had problems with that update wrote:
it seems it affects people with eset smart security/panda AV as it is being caught as a virus..
But most disagreed.

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Did a reinstall, everything up to and before that update, Medieval 2 is working now, will report back once have tried league f legends

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