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I was wondering if any one knows how to make the mouse scroll without activating the screen. To be able to mouse over a to another window and have the mouse active (for scrolling) without clicking, know what i mean?

Im sure xp would allow this and i cant find the settings to allow it in 7


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Wait for other comments, but mine already does that. I could not simulate your problem by altering mouse settings???

anyone know the answer to mouse over scrolling?

yes yes !! me knows!!

Install Wizmouse, just google for it. It will make the scroll happen on whichever windows the mouse is over - its a very small app, and works sweet with W7

It's something which should work by default but wizmouse will sort it - it's my new "must have app"!

oh and AFAIK XP worked the same way as W7 didn't it?

well, i dont recall having this problem(in xp), and i dont remember setting the mouse to do so. davhc (Dude in previous post) rekkons his already functions this way(in 7).


You say this function should work by default right??

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No, I was under the impression both XP and W7 needed the window to be highlighted before you could scroll the contents...

anyhoo, did you try installing Wizmouse? Did that work?

when I said it should work by default, I meant that MS should have made it work this way, not that they had and it wasnt working for you...

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