Mouse pad not working..

Hi all,
Sorry if this post is in the wrong spot, feel free to move it if so.
My Toshiba Laptop/s mousepad does not work.
I don't know for how long as I mainly use an external mouse.
My daughter highlighted me to the issue.
The properties for mousepad state the driver is installed and working correctly.
I rolled back the drive to the previous one and still the pad will not work.
The driver starts up with windows, as the synaptic device icon is there and working.
I tried updating the drive, but it states the driver is the up to date driver.
Any suggestions on how to enable the pad to function again?
Thanks in advance


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This may be a dumb question but are you sure it's turned on?

It says you can turn it on and off by hitting FN+F9 key.

Is there a red X on the touch pad icon on the task bar?


Not dumb at all, made me look lol
Yes, its turned on, no red x there.
Thanks for your reply Mike.


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I don't use a laptop but my fix for many things like this is to uninstall the function in Device Manger and reboot, forcing Windows to detect and reinstall the default settings for it.

Usually works with a lot of devices.

I'm not sure how the touch pad is described in Device Manager, probably under Mice and Other Pointing Devices, but if you can uninstall it and reboot then Windows should reinstall it in a working condition, unless there is some problem with it.

The touch pad is pretty basic on a laptop like a mouse on a PC, it seems like it should pretty much be a basic function of Windows to make it run.


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