Windows 7 Mouse Problem with VirtualBox

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by grimoldie, Feb 21, 2010.

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    I'm running Win XP Pro on VirtualBox V3.1.3 inside Win7 Home Premium and I have a mouse problem
    I've installed Guest Additions but my mouse isn't working properly

    Once I've booted up Win XP Pro my mouse travels OK across the Win7/Win XP Pro window boundary

    But, when I click the Mouse inside the VirtualBox Win XP Pro window the VirtualBox popup Information window tells me that I've clicked the mouse inside the VM machine which will cause the VM machine to "Capture" the Host mouse pointer and the Host keyboard

    Then, if I click "Capture" the mouse then becomes frozen @##$%^&*
    I can only recover it by the Right Control key which returns the mouse to its full travel across the Win7/Win XP Pro window boundary

    If I click anway inside the Win XP Pro window I just get the VB Information window back again

    I'm in a fatal embrace #$%^&*%^&

    Can anyone please tell me how Ican recover from this hiatus

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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