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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by ffejrxx, Nov 28, 2010.

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    my problem is similar to the one here

    using win 7 home premium

    using a wireless keyboard and mouse kit (one dongle for both devices)

    at first the mouse would only work in a specific usb port
    (when i change it to another usb port, windows would recognize the kit and say its working, but the mouse doesnt work)

    after uninstalling it in the device manager the mouse no longer works in any usb port
    (the combo kits keyboard will work when used in any usb port)

    the mouse works fine on other pc's and notebooks (same dongle with xp/vista/7)
    (its not a battery issue)

    device manager shows a keyboard, but no mouse

    a ps2 mouse works, but its scroll wheel doesnt (just kind of annoying)
    in device manager it is listed as other devices, a yellow ( ! ) but atleast it works

    iv rebooted several times
    tried other wired and wireless usb mice none of them work

    bios will say 1 keyboard and 1+ mouse found ( + if more are plugged into usb on boot, reporting the correct number)
    in bios usb legacy devices are enabled (tried with it disabled same problem)

    if its not a hardware problem
    it must be a driver/software problem of some kind
    no mouse drivers were installed other than the ones windows downloads

    reinstalling windows could be an option, but i would like to avoid dong that

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    System Restore back to a time before you installed the mouse and keyboard combo. You may need to clean your registry as well, to clean house. I would think that the major problem in this instance is that because its multiple HUDs (human interface devices) on one port, moving them about via different USB ports could confuse the OS, and the registry, in the process. In fact, you don't know whether or not when you moved it if you moved it to a separate USB controller on the board. I would suggest going back to a time before you installed it, if you can, and start all over again. Get it into the port you want, and leave it there, mindful of the fact that this mouse/keyboard combo may not be the best setup given the circumstances. So I would:

    Restore back to a time before the problem and if that's not possible get backup mouse and keyboard.

    Run a registry cleaner to clean house after uninstalling both the mouse and keyboard drivers.

    Re-install the drivers first, and per-instructions install the devices to the port you're likely to keep it on.

    Be mindful of not moving it to a different USB port or controller given the fact it sees to have interoperability issues based on how the devices are being recognized, and possibly written to the registry, by Windows.

    When you connect any human interface device to your computer, a registry entry is created for that device. You are in a unique situation, in that you are using a combo mouse/keyboard device on one USB port. This could create a unique set of circumstances where, if you removed the device very quickly and plugged it into a separate port, you would have problems getting both devices to register. The safest bet are the above options. Just remove everything and start over again by using a backup keyboard and mouse.
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    system restore brought back the orig mouse keyboard to working using the front usb port (the one i used to install and setup the win7)
    but any other mouse still doesnt work in any of the other ports (ps2 included now)

    i would like to have the keyboad/mouse combo in a rear port using an extension cable (that is is currently using) to put the dongle on a desk
    so it would free up the 2 front usb ports

    and it would be nice to have the option to add another mouse when this kit breaks
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    Nov 28, 2010
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    i think i found the problem

    after reinstalling windows (not activating it)
    i did all updates except for a windows driver for optical mouse
    and it was good

    after letting it install that one it was broken
    (a mouse would no longer work in a port it hasnt been plugged into yet)

    will reinstall windows ... again
    and skip that update

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