Windows 7 Move To Other Monitor Button?

I have a dual monitor setup, and I was wondering. How can I have a button next to the minimize button, to send the window to the other monitor?
If it is maximized, it will be maximized on the other monitor, and vice versa.

Is There Some Sort Of Registry Tweak to achieve this? Or Small Program?

A Button Would be easier/faster than restoring the window, moving it to other monitor, and maximizing again.

Andrew B.

Come on, 45 Views? And No One Knows Anything? Come on Guys......

All You Smart People I Figured Someone would know something.......

Or At least tell me it's not possible?


Noob Whisperer
Hold the Windows Logo Key + Shift and then use the left or right arrow key depending on which way you want the window to go.

Thanks Mike :)


Noob Whisperer
On behalf of Mike (whoever that is) you're welcome.

Oops, Sorry About That. Was Reading another post. Thanks Trouble, For The Info.

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