Moved external HDD to a PC after power surge

So I had a power surge a few days ago and it fried a lot of devices in my house including my external HDD controller/charger so I removed the HDD from it's case and mounted it in my PC.
So far so good, it was recognised in BIOS, my primary Master and my former ext.HDD Slave, boots up ok but when I go in the explorer I don't see the partition.
I encrypted it with BitLocker when it was used as an external USB HDD.Now when I go into Disk Manager the disk is seen as online with 465 GB of unallocated space.
Is there any chance I can recover the data on it ?

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Joe S

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What kind of drive is it? If it's a WD external that came with Smartware it's hardware encrypted. It needs the bridgeboard for decoding. It doesn't matter if you installed it or not.


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I don't know exactly how Bitlocker works or what requirements have to be met, but have you tried unencrypting it?

I suppose the power supply for the external case is not replaceable, or another enclosure is not available?

And as Joe suggests, was this a retail enclosure or one you added the drive to yourself?

I can't decrypt it as it's internal now and the decrypt option isn't available.
The HDD was a Western Digital with Smartware, so I guess that means that the actual cause is the broken bridgeboard ? Damn, I guess I'm out of options here, thanks for the info though.

Joe S

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Well you might be able to find a board on Ebay or the board may be repairable. This post explains a bit about the boards Bridge Boards - Western Digital Community. The guy on WD forum fzabkar is very helpful and has guided people thru bypassing a burned out component of the board. Search out his posts you can also PM him he's really good about helping.

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