Windows 7 Moving an .exe and it's folder contents to another drive.:)


May 13, 2013
I am new to Windows 7 and new to gaming in general. With the purchase of a rather fast Video Card came 2 free games. I have never played computer games before, excepting spider solitaire.

My operating system is located on a small SSD. Since I have installed the Video Games, they have used up almost all of the SSD storage area. It is dangerously close to overfull.

I found instructions on how to make the change, however, when I did that, I ended up with the same applications on both the SSD and the SATA III 6GBs HHD. I would like to remove the gaming folders from the SSD to free up space, but am concerned that the application will not open on the HDD.

Since there is probably an .exe involved, does the application on the C:\ need to be removed by the Control Panel, or can it be deleted. And, if I delete the folder containing the .exe and data stored from the game on drive C:\,will it's counterpart on the F:\ drive open when I click on the game?

I realize that every kid with access to a computer is rolling his eyes right now, like, how could anybody be that stupid, dude? But this 70 year old potential kick-fanny gamer wants to know? So, like, could you help me, dude?:cool: Thx!
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