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    I'm really confused about what I should do. I recently wiped my HDD after getting a new box, installed XP then W7RC. When installing XP, I made 2 Partitions, C:/ and D:/. The C:/ drive was ~100 GB on which I installed the OS, and the D:/ Drive was ~130 GB. What I then did was copy the contents of the user folder (My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, My Videos, etc.) onto the D:/ Drive. I set the Libraries to display the Documents, Music, Pictures and Video folders on the D:/ Drive and removed the Users and Public Folders from the Libraries.

    Confusing bit.:confused:

    Should I move the location of the Folders on the C:/ drive to the D:/. What will this do? Will this remove the contents of the Folders on the D:/ Drive? Will it change the icons for all the folders on the D:/ to the ones in the user folder on the C:/.

    Also, I read that in Vista, there is a Redirect Option. What does this do and what are the benefits of doing this? Can this be simulated by moving the folders to the D:/ Drive then in the C:/ Drive make a shortcut to the ones in the D:/Drive?

    Thanks in advance to any useful help.
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